Welcome to our website, where we offer a one-stop solution for members of the food industry or traders in Europe who are seeking high-quality organic or conventional food ingredients, as well as dried flowers, herbs, fruits, Nuts, Syrups, Oils, and spices in bulk quantities. Our main focus is on providing top-notch raw products, delivered straight to your doorstep. We source our products from our production areas in the Middle East and through trusted partners worldwide, all while adhering to proven German standards. 


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Asafoetida gum – Organic and conventional

  • Organic and Conventional
  • Botanical Name: Our Asafoetida
  • products are made from the botanical name Asafoetida, also known as Ferula asafoetida.
  • This ensures the use of high-quality raw materials without any impurities.
  • Origin: We use original Asafoetida resin from Iran for our products, which is known for its high quality and rich flavor.
  • Pure resins: Our Asafoetida products contain pure resins extracted from the roots of the Asafoetida plant, guaranteeing that our products are free from additives or fillers.
  • Various forms: We offer our Asafoetida products in different forms, including paste, powder, oil, or dried.
  • This allows you to choose the form that suits your needs.

Barberry – Organic and conventional

  • Botanical name: Berberis vulgaris
  • Traditionally sun-dried on the branch for several months
  • No bleaching oil or other treatments added
  • Handpicked, double sorted and cleaned, double laser sorted
  • As a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we offer the best quality of Berberis directly from our partner farm.
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Echium – Organic and conventional

Echium vulgare
  • The plant is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and is known for its striking blue or purple flowers.
  • Echium oil is rich in beneficial fatty acids, such as ALA, GLA, and SDA, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and improving heart health.
  • It's widely used in the cosmetic and skincare industry for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Echium oil is also used as a dietary supplement and is believed to have various health benefits, including reducing inflammation and improving brain function.
  • Our company offers high-quality Echium oil extracted from the seeds of the Echium plant.

Ground Red Sumac – Organic and conventional

  • Sumac spice is obtained from the dried fruits of the sumac tree.
  • The spice has a bright red color and a tangy, citrus-like flavor. Ground red sumac is a versatile spice that adds a fresh, sour taste to any dish.
  • Our sumac has a special quality as it is made from fruit without stones.
  • Origin: Iran
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High quality dried mallow flowers (Alcea) – Organic and conventional

  • Organic and Conventional
  • Handpicked, natural flowers with beautiful colors and unique flavors.
  • Can be used to make Malva flower tea, cold infusions, syrups, iced teas, and other beverages.

High quality dried Mallow Flowers (Blue) – Organic and conventional

  • High-quality dried blue mallow flowers are a beautiful addition to any tea blend or potpourri.
  • These flowers are carefully selected and gently dried to preserve their color and essential oils.
  • We offer whole blue mallow flowers (botanical name: Malva sylvestris) of the highest quality.
  • The flowers are hand-picked, double-sorted, and cleaned.
  • As a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we source the flowers directly from farmers.
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Marigold (Calendula) – Organic and conventional

  • Marigold, also known as Calendula, is a plant from the Asteraceae family.
  • The dried petals of the marigold can also be used as a tea infusion or as an ingredient in salves, creams, and other cosmetic products.

Mazafati Dates – Organic and conventional

  • Plump fruits with high humidity
  • It is very nutritious and has a mildly sweet taste.

Negin saffron – Organic and conventional

  • Negin saffron is a variety of saffron that originates from Iran and is known for its high quality and intense flavor. It is characterized by its long and thick threads, making it a unique and desirable type of saffron.
  • Negin saffron is carefully hand-picked and double-sorted, ensuring that it is completely red and of the highest quality. While it is grown conventionally, there are also options for organic saffron cultivation.
  • Overall, Negin saffron is a valuable and sought-after spice, prized not only for its flavor but also for its many health benefits. Whether used in cooking or in other applications, Negin saffron is a premium ingredient that adds a unique touch to any dish.
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Rose petals – Organic and conventional

  • Our dried rose petals are collected from top-quality, freshly picked roses of the year.
  • Carefully selected, cleaned, and sorted to avoid contamination and impurities.
  • 100% naturally dried rose petals with the pink-red color of roses without artificial dyes.
  • Preserve the natural nutrients and health benefits as well as the enchanting taste and aroma of fresh roses.
  • wholesale (bulk sale).
  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, chemical-free.

Sweet Citrus flowers (Orange blossoms) – Organic and conventional

  • Sweet orange flowers - Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
  • Picked by hand, double sorted and cleaned, laser sorted
  • Sweet orange blossoms (citrus blossoms) are the fragrant flowers of the Citrus sinensis tree. such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, or tangerines.
  • They typically bloom in spring and summer and are prized for their essential oils and citrusy scent.
  • As a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we offer the best quality citrus blossoms directly from the farmer
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Thyme – Organic and conventional

  • Thyme is an aromatic herb with a woody stem, small green leaves, and delicate purple flowers.
  • It is native to the Mediterranean region but now cultivated throughout the world.
  • Thyme has a warm, earthy scent with a hint of mint and a slightly bitter taste.
  • Its leaves are typically green, but some varieties have gray or variegated foliage.
  • Thyme is commonly used as a seasoning for meats, soups, and stews, as well as in sauces, marinades, and dressings.
  • It is also known for its medicinal properties and has been used for centuries to treat a range of ailments.
  • Thyme is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
  • Thyme is a valuable addition to any kitchen or medicine cabinet, with its rich history and diverse uses.
  • Our bulk thyme for sale is an excellent choice for home cooks, herbalists, or commercial food manufacturers.

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Saffron packaging

Our main private labeling service is saffron packaging in various sizes and beautiful designs.

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eco-friendly packaging. We care about the environment

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