[en] Why the consumption of organic products is important?

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We are all concerned about food contamination and damage due to those contaminations to our bodies. Pesticides that are deadly to one living organism (pests), can also be deadly or harmful to other living organisms, such as our body cells. Although chemical fertilizers help grow plants faster and better, they are harmful compounds to our body tissues, and consuming these contaminants over time can lead to dangerous diseases in our bodies!
With the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, chemicals from municipal wastewater, and activities by factories over the past decades have made healthy and organic farming very difficult and impossible, since a huge part of our water and soil has been polluted by these chemicals. Organic farming and the processing of healthy crops primarily require clean and healthy soil and water. Finding a clean environment for organic farming in areas with high population density and industrial areas is a difficult task, so we have gone to the desolated desert or with low population density areas to produce completely clean and organic products.

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