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Galbanum Essential Oil – Organic and conventional

 Galbanum Essential Oil

Organic and Conventional

Galbanum Essential Oil Ätherisches Galbanumöl

Galbanum Gum – Organic and conventional

  • Galbanum Gum is a resin that comes from the roots of the Ferula Galbaniflua plant, which is native to Iran and Afghanistan.
  • The resin has a greenish-yellow color, and a unique musky and earthy scent.
  • In modern times, Galbanum Gum is used as a flavoring agent in the food industry and as a fixative in the perfume industry.
  • The resin is also used in the production of dental adhesives, as well as in veterinary medicine.
  • Galbanum Gum is often sold in its raw form, but can also be processed into essential oil or used as an ingredient in other products.