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Citrus Aurantium – Organic and conventional


Organic and Conventional

• The flowers of Citrus Aurantium have a distinct bitter taste and a strong floral fragrance that makes it a popular choice in perfumery and cosmetics. • The color of the flowers is white with a tinge of yellow and they bloom during the spring and summer months. • Compared to sweet orange blossom, Citrus Aurantium has a more bitter taste and a stronger fragrance. • Citrus Aurantium flowers have a wide range of uses, including in the production of essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics, and herbal medicines. • The flowers are also used in tea blends and as a flavoring agent in various dishes. • We take great pride in offering premium quality Citrus Aurantium flowers in bulk quantities. • Our flowers are carefully sourced from the best growers and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  

Sweet Citrus flowers (Orange blossoms) – Organic and conventional

  • Sweet orange flowers - Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
  • Picked by hand, double sorted and cleaned, laser sorted
  • Sweet orange blossoms (citrus blossoms) are the fragrant flowers of the Citrus sinensis tree. such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, or tangerines.
  • They typically bloom in spring and summer and are prized for their essential oils and citrusy scent.
  • As a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we offer the best quality citrus blossoms directly from the farmer
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