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Date chocolate – Organic and conventional

  • A unique and delicious treat that combines the rich flavor of chocolate with the natural sweetness of dates.
  • A healthier alternative to traditional chocolate, as it contains less sugar and is higher in fiber.
  • Popular in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, where dates are often used as a natural sweetener.
  • Made with high-quality dates and premium chocolate for a decadent and satisfying experience.
  • Can be used in a variety of recipes, such as cakes, cookies, and truffles, or enjoyed on its own as a healthy and delicious snack.

Licorice extract – Organic and conventional

  • Our Licorice extract is a natural sweetener and flavoring agent derived from the root of the licorice plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra.
  • The extract is extracted from high-quality licorice roots to ensure purity and the highest quality.
  • It has a dark brown color, a sweet and distinct aroma, and a unique earthy flavor.
  • The natural sweetness of Licorice extract comes from glycyrrhizin, which is several times sweeter than sugar.
  • Licorice extract is commonly used as a natural sweetener in the food and beverage industry, especially in confectionery and chewing gum.
  • It is also used as a flavoring agent in various foods, including baked goods, meats, and sauces.
  • Moreover, it is used in the cosmetic industry for its skin-soothing properties.
  • Our Licorice extract is sourced from trusted suppliers and undergoes rigorous quality control measures.
  • It is perfect for those looking for a natural and healthy sweetening and flavoring agent.

Sesame Ardeh – Organic and conventional

  • Sesame Ardeh is a traditional Middle Eastern spread made from ground sesame seeds.
  • Our Sesame Ardeh is made using only high-quality sesame seeds that are carefully roasted and ground to create a rich and nutty flavor.
  • It has a smooth and creamy texture with a light beige color and a pleasant aroma.
  • Sesame Ardeh has a deliciously nutty taste that can add depth of flavor to any dish.
  • It is a versatile ingredient that can be used as a dip, condiment, base for sauces, dressings, or marinades.
  • Sesame Ardeh is a great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, making it a nutritious addition to your diet.
  • Our bulk sale of Sesame Ardeh is perfect for businesses or individuals who love to use it in their cooking or as a spread.
  • Our Sesame Ardeh is carefully packaged to ensure freshness and quality.
  • It is a delicious and nutritious way to elevate your cooking to new heights.