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Green peeled pistachio kernels

  • Organic and conventional
  • Green-peeled pistachio kernels are obtained by double-peeling immature pistachio kernels.
  • Immature pistachio kernels are carefully selected while still unripe and then undergo the shelling process, which exposes the green kernel.
  • They are available in seven quality grades based on the density of the green color: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.
  • In this grading, grade A is the darkest green color and grade G has the lightest, yellowish-green color.
  • They are obtained from closed pistachios, making them healthier and chemically and microbiologically cleaner, and free from aflatoxin.
  • Different quality grades meet different requirements of the food industry such as ice cream, chocolate, confectionery, and bakery products.
  • Ready to eat as a healthy ingredient for snacks, cooking, baking, desserts, shakes, pastries, and cereals, in combination with other nuts and fruits, etc.
  • Available as whole kernels, chopped, powder, sliced, flakes, and paste.
  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free.

Pistachio Akbari (in shell)

  • Organic and Conventional

  • Our Super Akbari Pistachios (Long Pistachios) are carefully selected from analyzed records from our partner farms.
  • Green pistachios with the natural pistachio aroma of the highest Iranian quality.
  • The original taste of pistachios straight from their homeland Iran.
  • With a crispy texture that leaves a delicious aftertaste.
  • Available in two grades: Naturally Open (NO)
  • Regular sizes include 18-20, 20-22, and 22-24 (number of berries per ounce).
  • Supplied upon request as raw, roasted, and roasted & salted.
  • Enjoyable snack with the kernel that can be easily separated from the shell.

Pistachio Fandoghi (in shell)

  • Organic and conventional
  • Fandoghi pistachios are a popular variety of pistachios that originated in Iran.
  • These pistachios have a green shell and a creamy-colored inner skin that surrounds the delicious kernel.
  • Fandoghi pistachios are known for their rich and nutty flavor as well as their delicate texture, making them an excellent choice for snacks and baked goods.

Pistachios Ahmad Aghaeai (in shell)

  • Organic and Conventional
  • These pistachios are known for their large size, characteristic taste, and vibrant green color.
  • The shell is thin and easy to open, making these pistachios particularly appealing.
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have a sweet, mild flavor and are often referred to as one of the sweetest varieties of pistachios.

Pistachios Kaleh Ghochi (In Shell)

Pistachios Kaleh Ghochi (In Shell)

Organic and Conventional


Pistacia atlantica kernels

  • Organic and Conventional

  • Pistacia atlantica is a tree from the sumac family that is native to the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • Pistacia atlantica, also known as Atlantic pistachio or mountain pistachio, is a medium-sized tree that is native to the dry and semi-dry regions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Shelled pistachios

  • Organic and conventional
  • Peeled pistachios can be used as an ingredient in salads, cakes, ice cream, pesto, and other dishes, or simply enjoyed as a snack on their own.
  • They also have a smooth, easy-to-chew texture and a more intense flavor, as they are not shielded from their natural oil by their shells.