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Green peeled pistachio kernels – Organic and conventional

  • Green-peeled pistachio kernels are obtained by double-peeling immature pistachio kernels.
  • Immature pistachio kernels are carefully selected while still unripe and then undergo the shelling process, which exposes the green kernel.
  • They are available in seven quality grades based on the density of the green color: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.
  • In this grading, grade A is the darkest green color and grade G has the lightest, yellowish-green color.
  • They are obtained from closed pistachios, making them healthier and chemically and microbiologically cleaner, and free from aflatoxin.
  • Different quality grades meet different requirements of the food industry such as ice cream, chocolate, confectionery, and bakery products.
  • Ready to eat as a healthy ingredient for snacks, cooking, baking, desserts, shakes, pastries, and cereals, in combination with other nuts and fruits, etc.
  • Available as whole kernels, chopped, powder, sliced, flakes, and paste.
  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaeai (in shell) – Organic and conventional

  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaeai is a premium quality pistachio nut
  • Sourced directly from Iran
  • Beautiful shade of green with a rich, nutty aroma
  • Satisfying crunch followed by a smooth, buttery taste
  • Perfect for snacking or adding to your favorite recipes
  • Bulk sale available for convenient stocking up

Pistachio Akbari (in shell) – Organic and conventional

  • Our Super Akbari Pistachios (Long Pistachios) are carefully selected from analyzed records from our partner farms.
  • Green pistachios with the natural pistachio aroma of the highest Iranian quality.
  • The original taste of pistachios straight from their homeland Iran.
  • With a crispy texture that leaves a delicious aftertaste.
  • Available in two grades: Naturally Open (NO)
  • Regular sizes include 18-20, 20-22, and 22-24 (number of berries per ounce).
  • Supplied upon request as raw, roasted, and roasted & salted.
  • Enjoyable snack with the kernel that can be easily separated from the shell.

Pistachio Fandoghi (in shell) – Organic and conventional

  • Sourced from the fertile valleys of Iran, known for producing high-quality pistachios.
  • Have a light beige color shell that is easy to open.
  • Have a nutty aroma and rich, buttery taste.
  • Are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • Carefully sourced and handled to maintain their quality and freshness.
  • Perfect for snacking or adding to a variety of culinary creations.

Pistachio Kaleh Ghochi (In Shell) – Organic and conventional

  • A type of pistachio originating from Iran
  • Known for its unique, elongated shape and vibrant green color
  • Subtle, nutty smell and buttery, slightly sweet taste with a satisfying crunch
  • Often used as a healthy snack or ingredient in various recipes
  • Available for purchase in bulk to save money and enjoy its delicious taste
  • High-quality nuts perfect for snacking, cooking, or sharing with friends and family.

Pistacia atlantica kernels – Organic and conventional

  • Pistacia atlantica kernels are a flavorful nut option
  • Harvested from the Pistacia atlantica tree in the Middle East
  • Light brown color with a distinctive, nutty aroma
  • Satisfying crunch followed by a rich and complex taste
  • Versatile ingredient for a wide variety of dishes
  • Great for snacking on their own
  • Ideal for home cooks and professional chefs alike
  • Bulk sale available for convenient stocking up

Shelled pistachios – Organic and conventional

  • Shelled pistachios are the edible seeds of the Pistacia vera tree.
  • They are native to Western Asia and the Middle East.
  • Shelled pistachios have a light green color and a unique earthy and nutty flavor.
  • They can be eaten as a healthy snack or used in cooking and baking.
  • Shelled pistachios are a rich source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • They are commonly used in the preparation of desserts, ice cream, salads, and savory dishes.
  • Shelled pistachios are also a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • They can be stored for long periods of time, making them a great pantry staple.
  • Bulk sale of shelled pistachios offers a cost-effective and convenient way to enjoy this nutritious and delicious nut.