Willkommen in der Blumental Bio-Welt!

Blumental Bayern GmbH is an active company in the production and trading of organic foods and medicinal herbs. Although the head office is in Nuremberg, the company uses a well-trained team in biology and agriculture to select good plant species and to design their growing conditions in a healthy environment and asks partner companies in the Middle East to grow selected products at the desired Blumental conditions.
The company is also active in the trade in organic products on the European market and supplies quality products to customers worldwide.

Unsere Werte

1. Sustainable development:
We support the concept of sustainable development. Our actions in support of this are evident in every aspect of our business, including production, packaging, recycling, logistics, products, quality and management.
2. Quality:
To ensure that our products meet the quality standards set by our management, these are strict and correspond to the quality that is considered safe for human consumption worldwide. We take care to operate according to ethical principles that provide our farmers, employees and customers with a healthy growth environment that leads to an all-round healthy lifestyle.
3. Ethical business practices:
Maintain the highest standards in dealing with employees, customers and suppliers.

Unsere Bio-Standards

With the help of our partners in countries with vast deserts and abandoned areas, we try to produce organic and clean products of different tastes and quality, in inappropriate environments and free from contamination by human activities, whether it is a clean soil on the edge of the Deserts or clean soil on the foothills of the mountains. Despite the problems of water supply and the creation of suitable agricultural soils, agriculture in these areas brings higher quality products and more concentrated ingredients and exceptional oriental flavors due to their unique soil, climate and relatively high temperatures and exposure to sunlight.

Wie können wir Ihnen helfen!?

Are you a member of the food industry or a retailer in Europe who wants to deliver high-quality organic products in bulk to your doorstep?
Are you a farmer or organic food producer who wants to sell his products on the huge European market?

Then you are right with us!
Please contact us, we will help you!